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If you can't beat them, sue the pants off of them...

Mar 24

Written by:
Thursday, March 24, 2011 8:06:53 PM  RssIcon

Been a long time since I blogged, but I'm not apologizing for that.  Just been too busy with customer consulting lately.  Besides almost everything has gone to Twitter for me anyway.

Anyway, I just booked my airfare to head over to Paris for the Advanced Citrix Training class I'm putting on there with Benny Tritsch.  Benny and I were in Paris last year for the same class and I'm thrilled to be bringing it back there.  While I was having some conversations with a few different people in France I've heard rumblings that the reason for the delay of the release of CitrixTools.NET Virtual User Environment Manager (or VUEM) is because Pierre Marmignon's employer has been slapped with a lawsuit by RES Software.  I love the various tools that Pierre has developed and I know that he's been working on VUEM for a very long time and I can only believe that it's crushing him that this has happened and it's preventing the release of the tool.  To be completely honest I haven't personally tested VUEM myself, but I've heard very nice things about it from other bloggers / consultants that have done testing with the early alpha releases, etc.  I'm sure that it's bothering Pierre after spending so much time on this tool that such a horrible thing could happen.  I don't know what Pierre's thoughts are on this as I haven't spoken to him about it yet, but I'm frankly a little surprised at this lawsuit situation.  From what I know about VUEM it doesn't really compete with RES Software at all.  It's probably closer of a competitor to something like Liquidware Labs or Immidio as it's not nearly as feature complete as a RES PowerFuse or AppSense Environment Manager.  That being said I can think of about 70 million reasons why RES might be a little nervous right now.  To be clear I've got a great deal of respect for a lot of the guys at RES (especially guys like Max Ranzau @RESguru).  But situations like this really make me question their intentions.  Are the freeware tools of a community guy really at risk of upsetting the business of a large company like RES?  Come on guys...   You should be investing as much time, energy and money on improving and promoting your products and not trying to shut down a guy who's done a lot of good for a whole lot of people.

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Re: If you can't beat them, sue the pants off of them...


I agree with you Shawn and I don't really understand the goal of such action from RES. I through RES was really involve into the v-community (v-virtualization) and beeing a RES partner didn't mean you can be sued cause you made some software development to simplify your customer and your consultant life.
Pierre worked very hard on this tool and I can just imagine his disappointment right now.

Anyway, welcome back in Paris Shawn !

By Stephane Thirion on   Friday, March 25, 2011 9:45:22 AM

Re: If you can't beat them, sue the pants off of them...

Finally you wrote something, and that too a very good rant, and I completely agree with you on this, I have used Pierre's site so many times and he's really helping the citrix community and was eagerly waiting to see what VUEM bring to the plate, but this is really insane of RES to be actually doing this to a person who is not advocating don't use RES, he's just helping customers who can't afford or don't want to invest in RES, infact this would had been really good for the whole user virtualization space, would had allowed people to get good exposure around this before they can actually invest into some enterprise level tool.

By paras on   Friday, March 25, 2011 9:45:58 AM

Re: If you can't beat them, sue the pants off of them...

WTF RES? I'm sure the actual code isn't an infringement on RES because I've actually seen Pierre working on it in Visual Studio before. Is it the name of the product because it includes the term "Environment Manager"? I don't think anyone has a copyright on those two words together (although I may be wrong - wouldn't be the first time and sure won't be the last). This is a sad day for the community. This really sucks because I know Pierre has put in a TON of hours on this.

By Jason Conger on   Friday, March 25, 2011 9:48:28 AM

Re: If you can't beat them, sue the pants off of them...

Great article, but sadly on a subject i'm not surprised at.

RES have had a lot of VC investment over the last year, and are falling behind the market leaders in terms of the quality of technology and structure, so they're getting desperate now and working on eliminating as much of the competition as possible.

By Eric Sonny on   Friday, March 25, 2011 11:55:30 AM

Re: If you can't beat them, sue the pants off of them...

I'm as bemused as your are to be honest.

As you can see from the last Citrix UK User group meeting around profiles we looked not only at RES but Appsense, Tricerat *and* previewed VEUM.

I did a short presentation on VEUM, highlighting (I hope) how it was an effective tool for admins to manage a user environment. One of its advantages was that it was (as all Pierre's tools are) simple, focused and effective.

While it would help some organisations it would in no way shape or form be a replacement for tools from vendors such as RES. A starter - suire. An incentive to justify the spend quite possibly. But far from direct competition.

When the guys from RES were at the user group their contribution and keeness to engage with attendees in order to understand the issues impacting today was appreciated, and strangely at odds with what appears to have happened today.

Hopefully its been more of a confusion around product names that can be sorted toot sweet.

By Andrew Wood on   Friday, March 25, 2011 3:02:28 PM

Re: If you can't beat them, sue the pants off of them...

Baaad move RES. What you don't realize is that Pierre has worked hard and given a lot back to this community. And make non mistakes - its a tight community. You attack one of us, especially for selfless efforts like Pierre has given back, you attack all. You'll feel the pain of this foolish move - guaranteed.

By Rick Dehlinger on   Saturday, March 26, 2011 12:36:08 PM

Re: If you can't beat them, sue the pants off of them...

we don't understand the RES position.

By CTXBLOG on   Monday, March 28, 2011 4:56:23 PM

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